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Hello, my name is Renae and this is my vision…

I have been a dermal therapist, laser technician and waxing specialist for 18 years and my passion is a holistic and technical approach to skin health and happiness. I think it is important to focus on long-term skin system planning educating our customers on their skin inside and out, plus preparing an understanding of different influences, ingredients and moments in life will show certain responses on the skin.

I specialise in anti-ageing and acne management and after winning awards and clients hearts. My most enjoyable moments are, and have been client gratitude and joy at the changes on their skin. Many of these are concerns that people have endured for many years and we have given them a solution. We believe that skin health and happiness go hand in hand.

I love and adore my very talented team members and we have a strong sense of exceptional service, reaching goals for our clients and always growing our talent with constant education.

I am truly grateful that I get to live my vision every day as I get to share the Yes Please Skin experience with you.

Our Team

Matt Higgins Australian Mechanical

Dermal Therapist

Lisa, our skin fitness guru loves all things beauty. With 17 years’ experience her passion in dermal therapies is what she loves most! Striving to transform her clients lives through treating their skin.

Alongside dermal therapy, Lisa specialises in IRPL and waxing, and her desire is to not only empower women but to help you feel and look your very best.

Matt Higgins Australian Mechanical

Dermal Therapist

Chelsey is a dermal therapist, waxing artist, a wiz with IRPL and adores treating your skin from the inside out.

With over 5 years’ experience, Chelsey’s passion and drive lays in educating her clients about their skin, providing treatments and home care plans that will achieve results.

Matt Higgins Australian Mechanical

Clinic Advisor

Sarah is our clinic advisor and makeup expert aka Colour Match Queen. She thrives off promoting self-love and enhancing natural beauty with makeup.

Sarah provides makeup applications from formals to photoshoots and events, as well as educating her clients, by providing ways to efficiently apply makeup with her makeup lessons. Sarah also takes care of your every need at reception, as well as answering your calls and booking appointments.

Matt Higgins Australian Mechanical

Registered Nurse

Nikki is a registered nurse specialising in cosmetic nursing. With a background of emergency nursing her passion and drive lies with helping people reach their highest level of body confidence.

Nikki performs full face consultations for anti-ageing and glamorisation and her treatments specialise in anti-wrinkle, dermal fillers, PRP- platelet rich plasma for collagen stimulation and last but not least, fat dissolving injectables.